Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jay Bee's Bar-be-que

Jay Bee's House of Fine BarBQue is a little unpretentious restaurant located at 15911 Avalon Blvd in Gardena, California.The building is tiny. There are no tables for customers to sit inside and a few bench seats outside. A short line forms outside the door and when you enter, there is a very small menu for you to choose from. The short menu was a good thing for us because it was easy for us to choose the pulled pork sandwich and pork ribs to try. The pulled pork sandwich came with two sides and we chose the baked beans and the cole slaw. We also ordered a side of barbecue spaghetti and macaroni and cheese.
The baked beans had a nice barbecue flavor to them and they were very tender. The macaroni and cheese was pretty good real cheese macaroni, no orange cheese sauce mess here. The barbecue spaghetti was nothing special to me. It was very straight forward well cooked spaghetti noodles with barbecue sauce mixed in. My co-writer loved the flavor of the barbecue spaghetti so I assume it may be something either you love or you don't. I would suggest that anyone eating at Jay Bee's give it a try because it is definitely different. Neither my co-worker nor I liked the coleslaw. It did not have enough mayonnaise or seasoning in it.
The pork ribs were tender and falling off the bone. The hot sauce was what we chose for both the ribs and the sandwich and it definitely tasted great on the ribs. The pulled pork sandwich was gigantic! There was so much meat and sauce that I couldn't even eat it sandwich style without the large chunks of meat falling out all over the place, so we ended up eating it with a knife and fork. The sandwich was DELICIOUS! Super spicy with the hot sauce so choose medium sauce if you have a sensitive tongue.
Overall: Good food, great service. Try the spaghetti but you will enjoy the pulled pork sandwich.

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